Solomon Pierce

Computer Science - Class of 2025

University of Texas at Dallas


Hi, I'm Solomon, a junior at UT Dallas. This is my personal website, built with pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript!

I'm an avid learner of any and all software engineering disciplines and I love using technology to solve problems.

I'm interested in game dev, machine learning, virtual reality, and quantum computing. Currently, I'm building full-stack web applications and looking for internship and research opportunities.


ACM Member Portal

React.js, Next.js, GraphQL

An open source project with 10+ other developers at my university chapter of ACM. We develop and maintain a web application with a cohesive user experience that improved and simplified our student org's recruitment and event management operations

"Pringle", a programming language interpreter

C++, CMake, Catch2

I worked on a team of two to build a tokenizer/lexer, parser, abstract syntax tree generator, and interpreter from scratch. We designed the language from the ground up for speed and simplicity

Raycasting Renderer

Javascript and HTML5

Uses pure javascript to achieve a randomly generated, interactive "2.5D" scene illuminated with raycasting, an interesting graphics technique used by the classic videogame Wolfenstein 3D